Papa Legba

Alejandro Ferrer


Papa Legba

Acrylic and graphite on canson paper

210 x 200 cm

About the Work :: “Acosta’s painting is expressive, visceral, and with solid impastos. It focuses on the contemporary world combined with the classical statements of art history. What is more, he likes to combine mixed media in a same painting such as: spray, oil, acrylic, collage, and latex with pigment. Acosta writes, “…this talks about our relationship with technology and the borders between virtual and real. Also, they remind us that, although we can reach a global knowledge, our limitations prevent us to understand the speed of the contemporary world. Moreover, in his paintings we can find a lot of literature references, like characters, words, illustrations, draws and poems that represent the soul of each book. In those kind of pieces, the painting ends erasing all of the references to shows us one final image.” For example, “Papa Legba” references Alma Mor’s novel “Tenebrarium.”” - Alejandro Ferrer